Executive Director

Has solid experience in Software Engineering. She has managed Research and Development teams in top high-tech companies where she led multidisciplinary groups and projects.


Employment Search Counsellor

He has acquired vast experience in business over the past thirty years. He has founded and managed three companies and worked mainly in large-scale funding to develop and launch innovative projects. He understands employment realities and business challenges facing Executives/Managers in various sectors namely Technology, Communication, Arts and Media and Manufacturing. As a counselor to Executives and Senior Managers, he has specialized expertise in Finance, marketing, and technology. He helps prepare our candidates to successfuly succeed in their career search.


Employment Search Counsellor

Multidisciplinary Senior Manager with extensive experience in IT Project Management, Change Management and Process Improvement. She held numerous Senior Management positions in diverse domains such as Transportation, Aerospace, Banking and Insurance before becoming a specialized PMI and Career Coach


Employment Search Counsellor

Has extensive experience in retail sales and store operations with major Canadian retailers as a senior manager and specialized executive recruiter.


Employment Search Counsellor

Has extensive experience in Sales and Marketing of technology products namely medical devices, telecommunications, call center technologies, speech analytics and IT. His Knowledge of public and private sector workflows and his ability to create long-term relationships with organizations make him an ideal counsellor in helping our candidates find new opportunities.


Administration Coordinator

Has valuable knowledge in Desktop Publishing and Customer Service as well as strong organizational skills and office operations experience.


Communication and Administration Assistant

Recently graduate with a BA in Political Science from Concordia University with a specialization in Social Studies. She joined our team as Communication and Administration assistant