Current Talent : General Management

Senior Human Resources Leader
A dynamic, bilingual leader with a solid experience in Canadian and international Human Resources. Areas of expertise include Financial/Insurance, Pharmaceutical and Tech industries. Promotes sound management as trusted strategic business partner working with Executive teams. Builds authentic relationships at all levels of the organization through listening, analytical, business savviness and decision-making skills. Recognizes and puts elements in place to support strong culture and company growth.

Bilingual professional
With extensive experience in human resources management, specialized in organizational development and talent development. Translates the company's vision into HR initiatives that improve employee performance, profitability, growth and engagement. Accompanies management teams at all levels to increase their leadership and develop their full potential.

Enthusiastic, Civil Aviation Management professional
Perfectly bilingual; self-starter, passionate and committed to the industry. Proven track record in Airport Operations and Maintenance, Emergency Planning & Response, Safety & Security and Scheduling. Holder of outstanding Communication Skills and recognized Customer Service skills. Solid experience in Change Management, Teamwork and Coaching. Thrives in fast-paced, dynamic environments, where I can manage multiple tasks requiring problem solving skills, on the moment operational decisions while mitigating risk, reputation, financial profitability and maintaining a professional behavior as well as a sense of ease during periods of high stress.

Bilingual Director
With vast experience in the area of contract negotiations in the optical healthcare, pharma and retail sectors. Expertise in developing marketing and advertising campaigns, assessing private-label product opportunities and bringing products to market. Recognized for establishing and maintaining lasting business partnerships and fostering relations at all levels of the organization.

Operations Management
Fluently bilingual executive leader with expertise in building a successful start-up, providing hands-on management, performance monitoring and driven towards continuous process improvement. Persuasive negotiator, innovative problem solver recognized for consistently exceeding performance goals by nurturing strong business relationships and employee engagement. Exceptional interpersonal skills and capable of making sound decisions in crucial situations, as well as managing multiple projects simultaneously while meeting tight deadlines. Demonstrate excellent communication skills and a results-oriented leadership approach in empowering individual team members and coaching new staff.

A bilingual results-oriented senior manager
Possessing an entrepreneurial spirit and highly skilled in strategic planning, business development and multi-functional team management. Self-motivated dynamic leader with demonstrated success in mobilizing teams and the organization to move towards common goals. Proven ability to combine negotiation and budget management skills that result in strong financial performance. Recognized for organizing, prioritizing and managing projects effectively contributing to corporate profitability. Strong marketing background that facilitates innovative & creative solutions. Exhibits a positive winning attitude.

25 years of experience in various
fields, from customer service to planning both wholesale and retail business. Dedicated to maintaining professional standards to provide good analytical reports in the field of my expertise.

Dynamic, adaptable, innovative and accountable Sr Manager with 20 years’ experience
In Pharmaceutical. Marketing Communications (project management, promotion), 10 years of which in Health Education Management. Proven track record in the creation of tailored educational and related communication strategies and activities. Recognized for her agility, excellence in project management and delivery of collaborative business solutions.

An innovative and dedicated professional
with well-developed analytical, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills. Highly proficient in the execution and evaluation of projects in academic and health-care environments. Significant experience in supervisory/management position in public and private sector.

Bilingual senior manager
With extensive experience in wireless radio access network (RAN) deployment and operations within the telecommunications industry. Effectively orchestrated highly engaged multi-disciplinary teams, providing clear direction, fostering ownership and innovation for successful completion of projects. Skilled planner with a consistent record for meeting target deadlines and budgets.

More than 15 years of versatile marketing experience working for SMB’s in the IT / software industry
And large organizations in the industrial sector, in both national and global market area sales and marketing teams. Experienced in cultivating lead generation strategies, communications for internal and external distribution, and engaging in both direct and partner marketing in support of marketing objectives and sales growth. Specialties include event planning and leading conference participation, marketing communications, PR, web content development, marketing process improvements, and promotional campaigns across print, digital, and social media platforms.

Fluently bilingual (can also communicate with ease in Spanish),
Computer literate and University educated. Highly motivated, persistent and task-oriented professional with a remarkable track record. At ease managing, supervising and directing people of all tracks of life. An accomplished mentor with exceptional leadership and training skills attuned to management objectives and needs of others. Dynamic decision maker, highly adaptable to a changing marketplace, experienced in the preparation and maintenance of budgets and P &L statements. Loyal and develops and maintains excellent relationships with customers, management and peers. Team builder and booster, has fun helping personnel attain their full potential. Excellent relational skills honed by multifaceted work experience and academic endeavor. Reported directly to the President during all years of employment.